Isle of the Unknown (LotFP) Review

Isle of the Unknown [IotU] follows that classic Judges Guild format we saw in Carcosa. Geoffrey McKinney once again keys in a massive numbered hex map that describes a vast and often hostile wilderness dotted with mostly small settlements. Short but evocative text explains just what a roving band of PCs might find in each hex location. As a GM I feel that all RPG setting books should include this map-based reference aspect. While it's something Bob Bledsaw and company developed and explored in the 70s, the hexcrawl reaches a weird and phantasmagorical peak in IotU with hundreds of unique and chimeric monstrosities, otherworldly locales and mythologically fashioned magic-users and clerics. If the book has any limitations they may be the recurring references to real world histories and folklore. While I could easily see IotU sharing the same setting as, say, the Caverns of Thracia -- with its Greek and pseudo-Greek props and monsters -- the creative referee may have to tweak it a bit for use in other milieus. But that's less of a criticism than an observation. Like LotFP's Carcosa and Vornheim the Isle is a first-rate RPG product that makes stuff produced by larger companies seem like weak sauce in comparison. ***


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm still on the fence about this one.

    For some reason your updates are not showing in my roll.

    1. It's a pretty sweet setting book and I'm kinda dying to know what Geoff McKinney produces for the OSR scene next.

      That's weird about the updates.

  2. Geoff McKinney produces awesome stuff! Nice review & this is definitely on my "to get" list! Keep up the good works man!